Thursday, January 4, 2018

Update on new products

New products that have arrived are..

Arez white
Insane Veinz

I'll d`o a separate review on all Insane Labz products in a single post. And when it comes to Arez, the review will be something godly :P like the label says "God of gym"

More NTEL products are arriving soon

Arez Black
Arez unreleased pwo 
Avenge Nitro

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mesomorph review.

My last pwo is Kraken and Pre-Kaged and today i decided to give mesomorph a shot. All the hype online about this product has left me slightly disappointed. I took a scoop of mesomorph in empty stomach along with clean burn fat burner at 5:20am. I started to have tingling sensation after 15mins which continued till i finished my workout at 7:00am. I didnt have crazy focus or pump, but it had this happy feeling. At around 8:30am i felt the crash, at that moment i just wanted to hit the bed.

I would like to point out a couple of things before i rate this product.

1. I planned to play safe and i took mesomorph without intra.
2. I normally take Prekaged which contains 274mg of caffeine and my intra is xtendgo which has another 200mg caffeine and i have not felt crashes with this combo.

For me performance takes the major priority over anything else.

I rate mesomorph 6/10 for now. I'm sure the experience would have been better if i combined intra which i will do soon.